As the build progresses, each months build will be documented here. I have no idea how long this build will take, but I suspect there will be holdup's waiting for parts to arrive.

Nov - The worst task of all..cutting and shortening the chassis Dec -Finish off shortening the chassis, prep and paint Jan Start to clean up , refurbish and assemble the Front beam, suspension and gearbox. The aim to to have a rolling chassis by the end of Jan
Feb, Start to clean up and refurbish the Engine. Engine fitted to Chassis. March, Engine started,, should also get the body this month and fit.. April, De-Seam the body, fit loom, lights, gauges and carpet.
Fitting of the trim, carpets and Leather, also finishing off jobs. Should be fitting carpets and leather, If they arrive this month. Finished Electrics, and started Engine, should also finish the interior this month (if parts arrive)
Starting on the finishing up jobs ready for IVA Still working on final prep for IVA Still working on final prep, so fitted upper seat belt mount.
IVA confirmed for 20/12/2011, last minute prep now..    



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