Not much to report at the start of Feb, I had to repair the wife's car before she sells it this weekend, (just a minor repair on the bumper). However I did manage to finish off a few little jobs, such as the clutch cable and handbrake cables using the shortening kit. I also purchased the 'Mr Torque' for tightening up the axle nut to 217 ft lb !, basically its a torque multiplier (factor of x9) allowing me to use my little torque wrench set at 24 ft lb. I then fitted the old set of wheels from the Beetle as a temporary measure so I could move the chassis about.



Started to strip the engine down, I have never worked on a beetle engine before, it very strange having to forget everything you learnt about 'normal' engines as the design of the beetle engine is so unique. It seemed to take ages removing all the 'tin ware', I just hope I can work out how all the bits go back together, there are 12 bits of tin altogether.

Some of the tin doesn't look to bad and I will get the Fan shroud shot blasted and powder coated, and some I will replace with chrome to add a bit of 'bling'. I have also decided to but twin Webber ICT34 carbs as well, along with new pulleys and fan belt.

The engine itself is is in very good nick and does not show any signs of wear or Oil leaks.


Looks a lot smaller now !!



After a lot of elbow grease, the engine is coming along well. I found a local supplier who can shot blast, powder coat and even chrome. The Webber ICT 34 kit was a bit of a fiddle to fit, but got there in the end. A few more bits and bobs on the engine to do , such as fuel line, HT leads, and such, but should be able to install the engine next weekend.



Paid a visit to Chesil, to check up on parts, and it seems most of the remaining items are in stock !, but most importantly my body will be ready by next weekend !!.

So decided to crack on with getting the rest of the rolling chassis/engine complete. First job getting the engine in.. but of a balancing act with a trolley jack and the other free hand, but got there in the end, just 4 bolts and that's it, in and secure. Cleaned up the starter motor and the heat exchanges next, the heat exchanger needed a bit of repair welding, but not too much and the pattern replacements don't last 5 min's. Talking of pattern parts, it takes quite a bit of judicious grinding/cutting to get the replacement pattern 'tins' to fit together.

Fitted the cleaned up heat exchanger and starter motor, then the lovely Stainless Exhaust from Chesil, this is a 4 pipe manifold into a two port baffle, looks quite nice though, again had to modify the tin's to stop the manifold fouling. Next up the new distributor, which is an 'electronic' replacement for the Bosh points system which will go in the boot as spare. Also fitted the fan belt, plug leads, fuel pump and fuel pipe, (the fuel pipe will be replaced with stainless braided pipe).

I adjusted up the clutch cable but had forgotten to buy the accelerator cable Dohh !.. I also need to buy the cable for the heat exchanger to allow air flow through the heating tubes to the interior of the car.

Next weekend Start the Engine !!!!




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