With the house projects almost finished I found a bit more time to work on the Speedster getting the IVA stuff done. This time I set about the upper seat belt mounting, which for IVA needs to be 450mm above the 'R' reference point , I found out the 'R' reference point is a block of wood 53mm x 130 positioned on the base of the seat. When you measure this distance on the Chesil Speedster the upper mounting point is right on the limit , so to be safe I made up a temporary upper mounting point a couple of inches higher from 3mm plate with a 7/16unf captive nut.

The upper mounting nut is a captive nut inside the sub frame chassis , trouble is it is behind the fiberglass body shell so you have to 'find' it first and drill out a clearance hole in the body. I found the fixing point by using a 3mm drill and several pilot holes in the estimated area, it turned out to be 45mm down from the top of the body, and 65mm in from the door post. I then fitted the plate I made up, (which will need edge trim and the nut covered for IVA). Once this was done it was easy enough to fit the seat belts as normal.

I also made up a small rubber cover for the top of the side window post .

seat belt mount
finished seat belt mount
Window post cover


Went to the Exeter Kit car show last weekend, Chesil were there which helped as I realised there are a couple of mod's I need to do for IVA.

First off, the brake fluid level switch and Fog light switch have to be in clear view of the driver. using the Chesil lower dash, these switch are slightly to high.. so I made up a bracket to move them further down. I also fitted a rear view mirror with 'rubber' surround to be IVA compliant. Finally I fitted IVA compatible door mirrors, with the 'spring back' capability now required.

Switches lowered
IVA rear view mirror
IVA style door mirror


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