1" length added in
1" length added in


Not much time this weekend what with job's on the house and F1.. so decided to fit the side trims. There are 3 separate chrome strips for each side as well as a 'bumper' strip along the bottom of the sill. Only the middle chrome strip is straight and needs to go through the middle of the door handle, so I ran a length of masking tape along the get the line for the strip, but the two end strips have a slight curve at each end, it took a lot of measuring and adjustment before I was happy with the 'line.

Now you have to drill 15 holes, holes for the retaining clips, now I really was wetting myself and kept double checking the line before drilling the 4mm holes, I kept taping everything in place to be sure of the position.

The bottom bumper strip was the same fitment as for the front and rear bumpers.

Everything taped in place
Finshed with speedster emblem
rear view to check line

Also fitted the 'Speedster' emblem on the wing..


I had to remove the exhaust silencer to fit the body, been putting the refit off as it looks like you can't fit the silencer with the manifold in place. I jacked the car up quite high and found I could 'wind' in the silencer from the passenger side, result !, it tucks up quite nicely under the rear valance, both the manifold and silencer are stainless so I shouldn't have to worry about the exhaust rotting away in the future.

Whilst the back was jacked up , I fitted the engine tray, (very fiddly), which is fixed to the chassis via self tapping screws, whilst in the engine area I finished up the wiring to the engine.

Also fitted a dashboard mounted ignition switch, and fitted the come trim to the drivers side, still waiting for the gauges and leather, in the meanwhile I have stripped the steering column ready to lengthen it by 25mm, then assemble into the Speedster, I will be buying the Steering wheel ready for next weekend.

Silencer in
Ignition switch


I thought it was about time I bled the brakes, having had to wait until the body was on and the reservoir fitted, I almost forgot. This actually turned out to be quite a pain, I was using an 'easy bleed' kit but unfortunately the reservoir was not air tight enough so brake fluid pissed out everywhere and I hate the smell of brake fluid. I ended up using the original reservoir from the beetle , (after clearing up mess). It was then a simple case of going round each wheel and hey presto brakes !, unfortunately I then had to swap the reservoir back for the IVA compliant one, more spillage..

After adjusting the brakes and pedal position, I fitted the horn I had also almost forgot about, next job was to lengthen the Steering column buy 1", to do this I just welded in a section as per Chesil instructions, after disassembling the inner and outer steering column tubes. As I was using a dash mounted ignition you are left with a hole where the beetle ignition switch goes in the column, Chesil plug the hole with a rubber grommet, but I decided to fill and paint instead, I think it looks a lot better.

1" length added in
Ignition Hole Filled
Column In

Still no parts yet from Chesil, need the rest of the items for next weekend otherwise I am running out of work..


Good news, some more parts arrived, Gauges, rest of the steering wheel, Engine Grill and the remaining horn grill, plus the petrol tank.

Now the steering column and steering box had been adjusted, (I needed to move the steering box 1" to the left), the first job this weekend,.... fit the petrol tank. Not a bad job , all I needed to do was fit the sender unit and drop the tank into place, all it needs now is a couple of clamps to securely hold in place. Whilst under the car I also fitted the speedo cable which goes right through the center of the hub and secures to the grease cap.

Next I fitted the remaining horn grill, so the front is now complete, after that time to fit the engine grill,again an easy fit, just presses into place, although I will also add securing screws as well to be safe.

Tank in place
Last horn grill fitted, front now complete
Engine Grill fitted


Very carefully unwrapped the VERY expensive gauges and trail fitted in place, ( I still need to make up the wiring loom), and then also trial fitted the Banjo steering wheel, should all look nice with the cream leather dash covering and seats.

Gauges ready to go in
Gauges trial fitted
Engine Grill fitted


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