Whilst still waiting for the final parts I have been working on the house, which has taken a lot longer than expected, looks like October now to finish off and book the IVA for November.

At least now the final parts have arrived and as this includes the demister vents I can finally permanently fit the windscreen. Bit of pain getting all the rubber seals in place and the chrome strip which expands the bottom rubber, but all seems to have gone well.

de-mister vent
side floor vent plates
Wipers fitted

The floor vents will be fitted after IVA as the sharp edges are an IVA fail, so left the holes covered with the carpet for now. Next I fitted the wiper arms and blades which are actually TEX 10" collet arms, but you remove the collets and drill a hole through the top for the Beetle 6mm threaded post.

I now also need to start thinking about how to get the Speedster to the test center at Exeter, looks like I need to hire or borrow a car transporter trailer and something to tow it with..more expense :-(


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