Took a while to weld the new pan's into place, mainly because of all banging and bending to get them to fit ! The originals were spot welded along the tunnel seam, so I 'plug' welded instead, with seam welds at both ends. Now I have to mark out the section to cut out 10 3/4" (273mm).



Well point of no return now... marked out the 10 3/4" then got to work with the saw and grinder. I now need to cut the conduit cables for the handbrake and heater cables to suit , but pass the clutch and accelerator cables out through the back and cut to size once both halves are welded together again.




Eventually it all went back together, it was a real pain getting all the various tubes either cut to length or pulled right though and out the back. For instance the accelerator and clutch tube can be pulled out the back as you move the half's together, but yo you have to remove the tack welds holding the tubes into place first. Then you also need to pull the fuel pipe out through the nearside rear leg as well. The heater cable tubes and handbrake tubes need to be cut in such a way , that they end up terminating in the same place as the currently do, i.e. remove 10 3.4". The only way I could guide the two halves together and pull the tubes through was to use one of those 'pull me' hand winches.

Eventually got the two halves together , then checked for alignment, squareness and level before tack welding into place then checking again. Once satisfied I welded all round the tunnel and across both floor pans. You have to be very careful when welding the thin floor pans, I use 0.8 wire and med feed speed on the MIG welder.

I also cut an 'inspection/access' holes in the tunnel floor to allow me to tack weld the tubes back into place just under the handbrake, and give me room to access the washer/sleeve for the gear change shaft which has yet to be shortened. This access hole will also give me a better chance of replacing both the guide and re-fitting the gear change rod. I will weld a cover place over the inspection hole when finished.

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