Been on holiday for 3 weeks, so not much done lately.

Now it's time for the finishing off jobs and IVA preparation. So first off I fitted the headlight bulbs I never received from Chesil, I just went to Halfords and bought the Halogen replacements for a Beetle, (they also stock the standard bulb). However when I checked the flasher ..no lights !! although I had main beam, dip and side lights .. further investigation revealed a faulty relay from Chesil.. replaced it with one from the original beetle.

Next Fitted the wiper motor and made up a small supporting bracket, but when I tried to fit the modified wiper arms from Chesil they turned out to be right hand park instead of left hand park !, so need to take them back.. They are 220mm arms with 10" blades , looks like the arms and blades come from TEX.

Next fitted the door seals and started to tidy up the cabling , i.e add lots of 'P' clips, then glued in the outside window seals.

I now need to fit a rear fog light and side indicators for the IVA, (and remove them afterwards), plus a brake fluid level warning light and test switch.


IVA states if a steering lock is not fitted , an immobilisre needs to be fitted to Thatcham 2 category by a qualified fitter who needs to supply a fitting certificate. So I rang around and found a 'mobile' fitter who supplied and fitted the immobiliser for me, and supplied an insurance certificate job done !

Next job was to fit side repeaters, I think side repeaters spoil the look of a classic car, so I source some black smoked ones with Amber LED's , they are flush mounted and easily removed ;-).

I now needed to fit a switch to show IVA the brake fluid level indicator works, which means I also needed to fit a 'test' switch. I found an aluminum billet test and level switch all in one and looked smart, plus it is IVA compatible i.e. does not protrude more than 5mm.

Whilst under the wings and dashboard I 'P' clipped the cables every 300mm or less as per IVA requirements.

Another IVA requirement is to fit a rear Fog light and switch which must only operate on full beam, so I sourced and IVA compatible small fog lamp, also easily removed...

Side Repeater Fitted
Brake Fluid Level Switch
Rear Fog Light


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