This is a Porsche Speedster, not sure about the colour of mine yet

Why a Speedster ?

Well I had just finished my previous Kit Car,a Pilgrim Cobra, I really enjoyed the Cobra and will always miss the sound of the V8, but I had the urge to build another kit, so the Cobra had to go.

The first time I saw a Speedster was on Top Gun, and never dreamed you could actually build a replica. The Speedster is steeped in history and was a classic racer in the sixties, finally to be replaced with the now famous 911.

You don't see many Speedsters about, where as Cobra replica's seem to be everywhere now, so I thought it would be nice to e a bit different again. I also liked the idea of using the Beetle as a Donor , as we all know the beetle is a bit 'different' as well and would require more than the normal build process, seeing as I would have to 'build' the Chassis after having completely stripped the Beetle Donor.

Another , and probably more important reason for choosing the Speedster, is my wife will at least drive this one without wetting herself :-)

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