This section will be updated as I learn new Tips during the build
Make absolutely sure you double check the chassis is square before welding back together
The seat belt mounts are 80mm from the rear cross member and 50mm up from the floor
The 4 mounting holes at the rear are 10mm but the front two need cleaning up as they are not used on the Beetle.
Split the two conduits for the heating into separate runs, one for each side you, can use both heater controls, one for the left and one for the right, saves having a redundant heater control.
I cut an inspection plated in the floor of the tunnel giving me better access for tack welding the conduits back into place and feeding the shortened gear rod through. Then used part of the cut out section to weld back over the inspection hole.
I used an old seat belt strap to tie around the jack when lifting up the spring plate to move it off the retaining lip.
I used an old wheel nut half screwed in allowing me to wedge a bar between the wheel and the floor to stop the wheel turning when doing up the hub nut..
Assembling the spring plate to the axle tube is a right pain, so I used longer bolts to pull the plate up first.
The only way to stand a chance of fitting a new clutch cable is to remove the pedal cluster..
Do as much work as possible on the chassis before the body arrives.
If you buy Pattern parts, such as 'tins' don't expect them to fit very well without a bit of grinding and cutting.
The wiring diagram in the manual is out of date..
You need to modify the flasher circuit to accept to green LED's for the dashboard, I took a supply from each of the indicator connections on the column.
The dash board is too thick for the switches and LED's you need to recess the mounting holes from the back, I used a 90 degree attachment for my drill and small 20mm grinding stone.
The switches for Brake fluid level and fog light need to be below the Chesil lower dash area for IVA
Try to test the brakes first before IVA to make sure the Fronts lock before the rears, even if it is just on your drive with someone watching.
On the IVA application form, quote the maximunm revs at 4000, so the sound test is done at 3000.


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