The kit is from Chesil , a very well known and high standard kit, below is the description of the kit parts. I have asked for some specific extras, such as Black Gel Coat and Wind Up windows.

Of course you have to supply the chassis in the first place..

Chesil Deluxe Body Kit - Our most comprehensive body kit....

The Deluxe Body Kit is Chesil's most popular body kit and provides an excellent starting point for your project, as a lot of the assembly work has been carried out for you.

The kit comprises:

* Bodyshell/sub-chassis unit in a polished gel coat finish with your
choice of colour.

* Front and rear bumpers in body colour.

* Bonnet - fitted using powder coated hinges and latched with interior
cable release, complete with bonnet stay.

* Engine cover - fitted using powder coated hinges and thumb latches,
also latched with interior cable release.

* Doors - hung and latched using replica hinges, complete with inner
and outer door handles.

* Windscreen assembly - fully fitted comprising chrome posts and
support, aluminium frame and all rubbers.

* Hood frame assembly - comprising our own powder coated cantilever
hood frame, fibreglass header rail and chrome latch set, all fitted.

* Duck material hood - in a choice of small, medium or large rear
window sizes.

* Side screen assembly - comprising hard wood door cappings,
chrome support set, security straps, weather seals and toughened
glass side screens.

* Engine sealing panels - to fit between the VW engine and Chesil
sub-chassis, complete with rubber seal.

* Battery tray - to fit behind rear seat area.

* Rubber weather seals - for bonnet, engine cover and doors.


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