Just a short intro to give you and idea of the kind of people who are mad enough to build a Kit Car!.

Well not quite all ..I still work in I.T but have spent many years in Engineering, i.e. Maintenance Engineer, Production Engineer, Quality Engineer, Design/Development Engineer, Draughtsman etc. Through my engineering work I became interested in I.T and started programming games and bespoke software. After a while I realised I.T was the future for me.

I had always been a biker but now found that my CBR 1000 whilst still fun, was loosing some of it's appeal, (getting wet and falling off a LOT did not help). After another couple of accidents the bikes had to go. I have since bought a Honda Shdow Black Spirit 750).

After a while I started missing the bike, but then saw an advert for a Kit Car and started to feel nostalgic about the days I used to work on my old cars. Rebuilding engines ,tuning and racing Karts. I remembered my old mini with great affection, rebuilt and refurbished from scratch.

Having built the 2B, then built the Cobra, I had again moved house , and once more almost finished doing the house up so... I couldn't resist the idea of another Kit, this time a Speedster replica, I decided on the Chesil Speedster as it had a good reputation for build quality as a kit

Once more I managed to buy a house with have a nice large Garage, and a bit more time on my hands. Slightly different this time as I need to prepare,(more like build!), the chassis this time.

My wife is very supportive and quite likes the idea of a Speedster, at least she won't be frightened of this one.

Steve Gathercole