Kit arrived.. Peter Bailey himself, (owner of Chesil), arrived with the kit on a low loader trailer, with the rest in the back of his car.

First problem however was my drive.. you see I have a gravel drive and Peter had delivered the body on a 'dolly' to make it just a to man job to wheel the body off the trailer and up the drive into the garage. Well not in my case,, luckily a mate from two door down came to help, (thanks Andrew), and suggested Peter backs the trailer right up to my garage and pull the ramps out and onto the garage floor.

This worked a treat and the body was in the garage in no time,To aid transport Chesil have temporarily fitted the doors boot, bonnet and screen, I will need to properly align and fix later, but looks good and at least all the holes have been drilled ready.


I had decided to go for Black Gellcoat finish, and I will be using cream leather interior. Why not paint I here you say ?, well I may well do eventually but I have always had good results polishing up gellcoat which also gives you a very shiny hard finish, and if you get a bad stone chip, just mix up some more gell coat, wait for it to dry then rub down and you have a perfect match. It takes a bit of patience and hard work but you can get a very glossy finish which people think is a very good paint job !.

The Chesil body is actually very good, with very small amounts of flash lines needing to be rubbed down, and very few imperfections anywhere, much better than the Cobra, and that came up very well indeed.

Loads od other bits arrived as well, including the body to chassis fixing kit. The Chesil body has been molded from an original Speedster and is a very close match to the original D Type, the winders for instance are genuine Porsche 356 1956 -1962 parts.

Looking at some of the other parts, the wind up window mechanism looks like a nightmare to fit, very fiddly, and difficult to understand and I have read the instructions several times !



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