This is where I document any work conducted after the IVA.

First job fit the Banjo Steering wheel and Horn, simple job and looks great. Next I fitted the heater levers having first painted them ivory.

I had never quite liked the the aluminum billet switch knobs Chesil supply, so I painted them ivory , much better. I now also fitted the 356 Porsche door mirrors , a bit of a pain as I had to remove the door panels to bolt them on, again much better.

Finished wheel and horn
Heater Levers Ivory
Ivory Switches
356 door mirrors  

Next job will be fitting the hood, then a final polish of the body and that's it :-)


Fitted the hood today, not too bad a job, most difficult part is getting everything central so the windows seal well. Still feeling a bit 'high' from the impact adhesive fumes :-)

Hood fitted


All the paperwork is with DVLA now so I carried on with fitting the radio. My wife bought me a 'retro' style car radio for Christmas. All I needed to do was make up a housing.

I fabricated a housing from an old P.C case, then bolted it up under the Chesil dash, looks ok , I just need to work out where to put the speakers.

de-mister vent
side floor vent plates


I know we all complain about registering with DVLA..

I sent off my documentation to Exeter DVLA Friday afternoon (10th), for my Speedster Kit Car. With the intention of getting it on the road for March, and expecting to present the car at DVLA for a further identity inspection.

Tuesday in the first post I had my Tax disk, and age related Number plate certificate !!!!!

No inspection , no quibbles DONE..

They posted it on the day before!!! so only took part of Monday to sort ..

Yay :-) :-)

Quickly orderd Number Plates from Framptons and so all done now.

Next report will be 'using the car, handling etc..


I was getting fed up with the gear change, i.e. reaching under the dashboard for 1st and 3rd, having seen Chesil's car's I noticed they fit the 'Hurst' style shifter, which appears to have a lot shorter reach. So off to VW Heritage to buy a new shifter... it was simple to fit , i.e just undo the two fixing bolts for the current shifter and bolt the EMPI hurst in it's place. I left the bolts a little loose at first to get the adjustment just right before bolting down firmly. Wow what a difference, the gear change is now much better, very positive and as the shaft is angled backwards, the gear know is much closer to you, this coupled with a 'short' shift makes a much better gear change, and has a 'lockout' for reverse gear so no more embarrassing gear crunches when changing down form 3rd to 2nd and accidentally hitting reverse..

Also took a drive over to Chesil and picked up a hood cover, only requires another 4 tenax fasteners to fit and looks a lot better.

Hurst shifter fitted
Hood Cover front
Hood cover rear


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