2d & 3D Games developed and programmed by Steve Gathercole

Welcome to my Web site, I hope you find something you enjoy on my web site. All games and demo's are designed, developed and written by myself.

Games programming is just a way of keeping my programming skills up to scratch, (and provide game's for my two daughters!). I find like many things, if you do not keep practicing you loose the skills. Part of my job is programming but system analysis and hardware seem to be taking up most of my time at the moment.

Hence in my free time I like to develop games which helps me to remember programming syntax, other than the languages I use at work. This hobby also enables me to keep up-to-date with the latest development package's for generating graphics and models for my games.

When looking at my games, please bear in mind that I have had to design and draw everything you see , the models, lighting, textures, explosion effects etc, everything has to be constructed from scratch. You may get an idea of the work involved by looking at the 'In Development' area where you can see how some of the models and explosions are created.

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