This is a Pilgrim Sumo Cobra Replica, mine will be Navy blue

Why a Cobra ?

Well I had just finished my previous Kit Car, a Robin Hood 2B, it did not take me long to realise that what I really wanted was to build a Cobra Kit. This is not because I was fed up with the 2B, in fact I had many an enjoyable day out in the 2B. It's just that I always envied the Kit builders who had built a Cobra and wanted to build one myself. After all if I could build a 2B I should be able to build a Cobra with my eyes shut !, (famous last words perhaps...)

Well once I had decided on a Cobra style car, which one to build ? There are several types on the market, AK, AC ,Hawk ,Gardner Douglas etc.. Then I came across Pilgrim Cars , they were the subject of the 'A Car is Born' series on sky, and more importantly, offer very competitive prices!.

Pilgrim also have a very comprehensive accesories catalogue covering everything else you are likely to need. The main difference with this build is that I have to try and plan ordering the parts well in advance. This is because Pilgrim use a lot of third party suppliers who seem to have long lead times, for instance the seats are several weeks and Pilgrim are so busy that the body takes 12 weeks to make!.

I intend to build the Cobra weekends and hope to complete the build within a year. 1 - 2 years seems to be the norm. The cost should be around the £10000 mark, the first part of the kit, has cost me £4200, (I opted for the galvanized steel version). This first part of the kit will be delivered in about 8 weeks time. This will give me enough parts to build up a full rolling chassis. The next stage will be to order the body and trim.

Well I was always a hands on type of person and the challenge of building a Cobra seemed much less daunting now I had already built another kit car, my 2B.

There also seems to be a lot of help within newsgroups etc on the web for people mad enough to build a Cobra. ie The UK Cobra Club.

Click here to view a Cobra in 3D, (requires shockwave to be installed)