A few hard earned tips !..

Pilgrim Sumo Build Tips, (in my experience!)
Trial fit the Roll Bar before fitting the body,at least then you know it lines up...
When fitting door hinges, pull the hinges bracket as far forward as possible, else the door will only have a small arc to open.
Cut 5mm off each end of the steering rack ends, otherwise you will not be able to screw the track rods ends on far enough for zero or negative toe in.
Use an HOF 265,(Halfords), oil filter for enough clearance .
Use Valvoline 20/50 Racing oil
Set the daisy wheel to sensor gap 2mm,(use a 2mm drill as a spacer)
Leave a removable section in the inner rear arches to access fuel pump and roll bar fittings
Change the wiper main gear(Mini) to 110 degrees for maximum sweep).
Use an 82 degrees thermostat.
If using a double water jet for the screen washers, ensure it is mounted as far as possible from the screen to get enough angle.
Use stainless 'P' clips to secure front number plate to nudge bar.
Mount expansion bottle as high as possible
Don't tell the wife how much the parts cost,(or that you have ordered them)
To rub down gelcoat use 1200 wet/dry, then Halfords rubbing paste, then G3, then G10
Use a 4mm drill and make a slight recess in the spinners for the wheel spinner grub screws, stops them flying off.
When fitting windscreen, eye down the front of the car to ensure top of windscreen is parallel with top of rollbar.