Just a short intro to give you and idea of the kind of people who are mad enough to build a Kit Car!.

Well not quite all ..I now work in I.T but have spent many years in Engineering, i.e. Maintenance Engineer, Production Engineer, Quality Engineer, Design/Development Engineer, Draughtsman etc. Through my engineering work I became interested in I.T and started programming games and bespoke software. After a while I realised I.T was the future for me.

I had always been a biker but now found that my CBR 1000 whilst still fun, was loosing some of it's appeal, (getting wet and falling off a LOT did not help). After another couple of accidents the bikes had to go.

After a while I started missing the bike, but then saw an advert for a Kit Car and started to feel nostalgic about the days I used to work on my old cars. Rebuilding engines ,tuning and racing Karts. I remembered my old mini with great affection, rebuilt and refurbished from scratch.

So what to do now ? I have a nice large Garage, a bit more time on my hands now the house is just about done.. I know let's build another Kit Car !. Well I had actually thought about building a Kit Car in the past, but now there seemed to be much more choice available and lot's of help and advice via the Internet.

My wife is very supportive and quite likes the idea of a Cobra Kit Car. I have 2 little girls (4 and 6 years old), who both hope the Cobra is faster than my last kit car the 2B, (so do I, or I've done something wrong somewhere).

Steve Gathercole