As promised the kit arrived this morning, one chap all on his own, so the window cleaner who was working nearby was persuaded to give us a hand unload.

The chassis is quite heavy and needed two of us at the front , looks like there is plenty of room in the garage. Their were a few items missing :

Fuel Tank
Wiring Loom
Steering column extension
Expansion tank
Handbrake cable

The wheel had been ordered the day before, all items will be delivered to my works address, so no problem with collection.


After the chap had gone, I soon realised the chassis was the wrong way round in the garage. I prefer to work with the front at the top of the garage. It took a while for me to find a couple of unsuspecting helpers to give me a hand and turn the chassis around.

I spent the rest of the day identifying all the bits of metal in one box, (engine/gearbox mounts, suspension parts etc). Another box contained lot's of goodies in the form of QH parts, ie bushes, brakes pipes, track rod ends etc, all very nice. Also included were the very nice looking SPAX coil over shocks.

The engine mounting parts looked a little different than the manual but still seem to fit okay.

The springs were marked up with red and blue paint, apparently for the RV8 setup the red springs are for the front and the Blue for the rear.

Cleaned the garage up a bit and waited for the missus to come home and see what all our money had been spent on..