This is a Robin Hood 2B, mine will be blue
(Click on picture for a larger view)

Why a 2B ?

Well once I had decided on a Lotus 7 style car, which one to build ? There are several type on the market, Caterham, Tiger Sports, Westfield etc.. Then I came across Robin Hood Engineering, they offered a Lotus 7 type kit, called the Robin Hood 2B,and were at the bottom end of the price market.

I intend to build the 2B weekends and hope to complete the build within a year. 1 - 2 years seems to be the norm. The cost should be around the £3000 mark, the kit has cost me £2459, (I opted for the stainless steel version). I pick up the kit Dec 8th and all progress will be logged in the build diary pages.

Another feature was the option of a polished stainless steel bodywork. All the other kits seemed to be made up of a lot of GRP molding for the bodywork etc, the Robin Hood 2B has very little GRP.

The Robin Hood 2B gets it’s name from the tubular frame work used for the chassis. The Kit is very comprehensive and only requires one ‘Donor’ car, the Sierra, 1.6,1.8 or 2.0 litre.

As mentioned the 2B is at the bottom of the price range for this type of kit, because of this don’t expect the kit to just ‘fall together’. A lot of work is required to build the 2B, typically working weekends takes about a year to build the 2B. A more expensive kit can be assembled in a few hours !..

Well I was always a hands on type of person and the challenge of building a 2B brings back memories of the day’s I used to work on cars.

There also seems to be a lot of help within newsgroups etc on the web for people mad enough to build a 2B. Two very useful sites are and