The dreaded S.V.A test

This is the bit I am not looking forward to. Since 1998 all new vehicle have to undergo an SVA test, (Single Vehicle Assessment) test. This is to eliminate any substandard 'grey' imports and generally improve safety. However some testers have their own interpretation of the rules.

Basically it is like a very stringent MOT lasting several hours, absolutely every you can think of is tested for safety, even down to the radius of objects on the dashboard, (in case you hit them in an accident).

Before the SVA test I have to get the Local Vehicle Officer to come and inspect my 2B, then if all is okay he will give me a chassis number. If I can prove three or more major parts of the donor have been used, I can get a 'age related' number plate, in my case 'F'. This looks a lot better than the naff 'Q' plate.

Once you have passed an SVA test you can then apply for a Log Book,Tax and take the car out on the road !.

SVA Report

Couldn't sleep the night before, so got up early and gave the 2B one last checkover. Set off for the 8.00 a.m appointment. The drive there was great , nice sunny day, except that I was to nervous to enjoy the ride that much. Got there ½ hour early .

Checked in and was told to wait in the car. 5 mins later my examiner walker across, oh sh**t here goes. He introduced himself as Adrian and started by looking around the 2B. He commented on the fact I had covered everything with silicon , and said, cor blimey you will have a job getting that lot off and winked at me, hmm I was beginning to like this chap. He also noted this was the first Kit they had tested with a windscreen fitted, "they normally leave the screen off because of the extra testing", was his comment.

He double checked the Kitemark on the windscreen but said all was okay. Next he lifted the bonnet and had a good poke around in the engine bay, he liked the amount of cable ties I had used and said all the cables looked very neat. Then I had to get in and move the steering around, press the brake etc, no problems. He new about the RHE mount for the steering column mount and was happy with it.
Then he tested the washer jets and the wiper action, then the de-mister, no problems. He did comment that a de-mister requirement was daft on a car like this; the natural airflow would clear the screen.

Next onto the ramp and asked me to stay in the car while he raised the ramp up and had a look underneath. I had to work the handbrake and pedals quite a lot. Then he said he would lower the ramp so I could get out and have a look underneath. Oh dear I thought what has he found. However he just thought I might want to have a look underneath without laying on my back. He was very happy with everything underneath and said I had done a good job, (apparently it was better than the Westfield they had in last week).

Off the ramps and time to check the emissions, no problem, well in as this was the Injection engine, if anything a little weak. He also adjusted the lights for me as well. Now he asked me to drive outside to test the noise level, (oh dear I was worried about this one), and the self-centring, again I was also worried about this test as well.The speedo test came next, scared me silly seeing the 2B jump about on the rollers at 70 mph !, no problem with the RHE alloys and 195x15x50 tyres.

Strangely he asked me to rev the engine to 3900 revs, not the 4500 I was expecting, and with the RHE baffle fitted I passed with 97. The he got in and drove around the car park, the self-centring was working better than it ever had before, "give it some welly and it works fine", was his comment. I asked about the 3,900 revs, he said that in his opinion 4500 was to high for a 2.0 pinto engine.
Back inside and he told me they had never passed a Kit Car first time, but having said that yours has passed everything so far. My confidence was rising.

Brakes came next, a very exhaustive test both with and without servo, then put all the figures into the computer.

Meet me back in reception and I will give you the answers.

I was waiting about 20 mins pacing up and down like an expectant father. Then he appeared with a MAC in his hand !. I could have kissed him!, he said congratulations this is the first Kit we have passed first time, and fitted with a screen.

The whole test was a lot less daunting than I expected, the only black cloud was that on the way home the fuel pump jammed, it least it happened then and not 10 mins earlier.
As has been said before without the help of fellow members I would not have passed first time or made such a good job of the build, thanks everyone.