Now the new dashboard was complete, time to whip the old engine out. Now I had thought I would need to remove the bonnet, but the crocodile style 2B bonnet lifts up high enough to get the engine hoist in without a problem. I t was also very easy to get the engine separated and out of the 2B, plenty of room.

Next I found a local engineering company who were willing to re-bore, re-grind the crank, fit a new oil pump , new pistons, re assemble everything with new oil seals and even painted the block for me , complete with new core plugs as well They did a great job and only for £225 , bargain !. They also supplied a 12 month warranty as well !.

Then I ordered a new exchange cylinder head complete with cam.

It was just as easy to get the engine back into the 2B and about a couple of hours later I was ready to try and start the new engine.

Now the moment of truth, turned the key and heard the electric fuel pump start up and pressurise the system, good no leaks, and all the correct dashboard lights came on. Turned the key a bit further and the engine turned over and immediately fired up !!!, no problems and sounded nice and sweet.

Further to my amazement the rev counter was working as were all the other gauges, even the fuel gauge which I know must be wrong as I have not fitted the new sender unit yet, but funnily enough is reading the correct level.

Hmmm the sender unit is actually reading in reverse, so I removed the sender and reversed the connections on the resistor. Still no good, empty reads a quarter full. It does not seem to bad a job to replace the resistor box of the sierra sender with the one from greengauges. I cut off the old resistor box with the angle grinder and fitted the greengages one, great, it works fine.

So back in with the sender unit and all is okay, al I have to do now is run the engine in for 500 miles at 3000 revs or less.