It is now October and as I pick up the kit Dec 8th, I decided it was about time I found a donor car. This should give me November to strip the donor down and clean the parts before the kit arrives. I don't want the crappy donor car on the drive, (or rather the boss wouldn't like it ), so all the stripping will be done in the garage, then remove the body shell and store the parts to make room for the kit.

The donor car for the 2B is a Sierra 1.6, 1.8 or 2.0 SOHC.

So I look around in the local papers...nothing.. perhaps I have set my price to low, I only intend spending £250 for a running Sierra 2.0 litre. Then somebody at work tells me of an 'F' reg for sale sitting on the side of the road!. After a quick look the car turns out to be a 2.0 Litre Injection Ghia,,, hmmm I rather liked the idea of retaining the injection setup, ie good economy and 125 BHP.The asking price was £300 a little over my budget, and I knew some modification would be needed to get the injection vellum chamber under the 2B bonnet. I also liked the idea of the injection head which has hardened valve seats allowing me to run on unleaded.

Doesn't look too bad from a distance
(click for a larger image)

I notice most builders had opted for carb setup but thanks to an article by Dave Wilson on the RHOCAR site, it seems you can lower the EFI unit to fit under the standard 2B bonnet.

Right , time I went round and tried out my bargaining skills. A good inspection of the car revealed current Tax and Mot, new front calipers, air flow meter, exhaust and tyres. The alloy wheels were in very good condition, (although I did not need them). The engine ran very smooth with no nasty rattle or knocks.

After pointing out the holes in the bodywork, a bit of umming and arring, scratching my head and moaning about the price, we eventually settled on £200 cash and I drove my donor car away..

I ran the Sierra for about a week without any problems and now felt quite happy with my purchase. Unfortunately I have a lot of unwanted loom to strip out, electric windows, alarm, warning lights etc associated with the Ghia.

Stripdown of the Donor