Well it's been a week or so since passing SVA, so how does the 2B handle?. I'm not an expert on car handling and as you know I have the sliding pillar front suspension. However I am quite pleased and have had lot's of fun so far.

The first few runs nearly rattled my teeth out until I lowered the tyres pressures to 20 psi, (they were at 35). Next I wound up the RHE coli-overs at the back, which got rid of any rear end 'softness'.

The tracking was setup at the local garage and I have to say the 2B seem sto handle quite well, albeit with a little under steer.

The acceleration is very good , it now feels very much like being back on my bike but with 4 wheels and no helmet. Apart from the fuel pump problem nothing else has gone wrong. The injection engine provides a nice progressive and wide powerband and economy is also good.

I need to fix some kind of lining inside the rear wheel arches as stones have 'dinted' the inside of the wheel arch, (too much welly on gravel roads). The next job is to purchase and fit a Hood, then build a new dashboard.

I found it a right PITA to get the silicon for SVA removed, it had stuck very very well to the stainless. The latest purchase is a flasher buzzer from a motorcycle shop so I can hear the indicators!. Yes it is very noisy and most people mistake my arrival for a powerful motorbike.


Using the 2B on the road has highlighted another problem. I have a habit of leaving the indicators flashing as sometimes the indicators don't self cancel,(depends on how tight the corner is). As the sun is always shining on the dashboard I don't notice the flasher warning lights and the RHE 4 into 1 certainly doesn't let me hear them !.

So I have made up a Flasher warning Buzzer, total cost £3.60 including P&P, all the parts are available from Maplins. The buzzer is located behind the dash and is quite audible, even above the exhaust noise.


Clocked up 350 miles now, which isn't too bad considering the weather we have had. So far no problems at all, nothing has vibrated loose or fell off, no breakdowns and the engine runs very sweet.

I have now shortened the gear stick, all I did was cut of the threaded bit, then cut off 2" and welded the thread back on again, the bottom of the knob is now up to the rubber anti-vibration bit.

I did not look seeing the pluming for the electric motor under the back so I made up a cover from some left over stainless. Looks a lot neater now.

Fitted the Boot Rack from RHE, it doesn't look too bad actually and does help to secure the odd bit of luggage, (rucksack etc). It was quite simple to make and fit despite no instructions and the wrong size of wood for the side pieces.

I have had to leave a couple of inches towards the rear of the boot to allow for the Hood rails, (I intend to fit a Hood soon).